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ASDAH Conference 2011  
ASDAH Educational Conference August 12 – 14, 2011
Sofitel Hotel, San Francisco Bay

No BODY Left Behind – The HAESSM Model: Ensuring an Inclusive Approach to Health & Wellness

Program Session Descriptions

Session I: "Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift
Accurate research is fundamental to the Health At Every Size
® approach, regardless of the healthcare setting in which it is being implemented. The media report what the medical and diet industries promote; the traditional weight-centered paradigm. Published in the Nutrition Journal, Bacon's and Aphramor's paper -  "Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift" examines the evidence that the weight-loss approach may not only be ineffective, but also unethical and potentially damaging. This session will provide critical information for physicians, therapists, dietitians, health educators, and other healthcare professionals, as well as laypersons, to better advocate for and achieve successful health outcomes. (1.5 hrs)

CHALLENGE: How do we get the HAES℠ supportive research to the forefront and effectively call into question diet rhetoric and the use of BMI (Body Mass Index) as a proxy for health?

Session II: Weight Bias and Discrimination: What's the Right Prescription?
The relationship between a healthcare provider and the person who consults them (particularly that between doctor and patient) is one of the most challenging for individuals with body image/acceptance concerns. HAES℠ acknowledges that there are many factors to consider in evaluating possible relationships between weight and health, but too often an office visit is derailed because of practitioner bias regarding body size. Jennifer Copeland and Peter Jaberg will present The FATSO Model, a new conceptualization of weight bias, and professor Amy Farrell will discuss the cultural hatred of fat since the mid-19th century.  This session will expand the understanding of weight bias, and offer live demonstrations for practical application to assist participants in keeping the all-too-short visit with a healthcare provider focused on the individual's health issues, rather than on weight. (1.5 hrs.)

CHALLENGE: How do we advocate for ourselves and our clients/patients for appropriate healthcare from the HAESSM perspective and against discrimination based on body size?

Session III: First Do No Harm: HAESSM Education in Healthcare and Bridging the Gap between the Eating Disorders and Health At Every Size
(R) Worlds 
Current ASDAH President Deb Lemire shares her winning "Big Idea" presented at the Endangered Species Women Summit, on the need to incorporate HAESSM education in the training of healthcare providers. How do we reduce the harm done by health practitioners who promote weight-centered treatments, and provide these professionals education about HAESSM? Amy Herskowitz, a senior program consultant for the Ontario provincial government in the Ministry of Health’s mental health program area; and Lydia Jade Turner Managing Director of BodyMatters Australasia, an ED clinic pioneering the Health At Every Size
(R) approach to treatment in Sydney Australia, will discuss how ED and HAESSM approaches can work collaboratively to promote self-care and client wellness. This session will also engage attendees in identifying and evaluating potential applications of basic harm-reduction concepts and HAESSM methodologies into the training of physicians and other healthcare providers.
(1.5 hrs)

CHALLENGE: How do HAES℠ experts bring the Health At Every Size
(R) principles to the medical and healthcare community at the basic training level?

Session IV: Who gets to be Healthy? Supporting Wellness NOT 'Healthism'
The 'Poster Child Syndrome' suggests one needs to embody health stereotypes and have a disease/disability-free appearance in order to talk about being healthy. Conversely, individuals with significant disordered eating and/or exercise behaviors are often viewed as examples of 'health' because of their thin/lean physical appearance. People tend to be automatically labeled 'unhealthy' simply because of their body size. It is established fact that stigma and discrimination are significant contributors to negative health outcomes, and hence are clearly counterproductive to efforts to promote public health. How can we frame the health discussion, and provide wellness options, in a manner that allows people of all ages, sizes, cultures, and 'levels' of health to participate? Our distinguished panelists will address this question from their areas of expertise, which include Nutrition, Attuned/Intuitive Eating, Employee Wellness, Eating Disorder Prevention, Medical Practice, and Health Education. This session will tackle the very challenging issues of what constitutes health and promotes wellness, to provide participants with resources, concepts, and models to apply in their own healthcare endeavors, as well as those of their clients. (1.5 hrs)

CHALLENGE: How do we avoid 'healthism' while promoting Health At Every Size
(R) within, and outside of, the Size Acceptance and HAES℠ communities?

Film Premiere: 
“America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandements - A look at our unhealthy obsession with dieting and other weighty matters." A Director's cut of the highly anticipated sequel to Darryl Roberts award winning "America the Beautiful"! See it before it hits the theatres in the Fall.  Open to the public.  This film examines all things health, targeting the dieting industry as one of the biggest culprits contributing to society’s health demise. With eating disorders, disordered eating, obesity and body dissatisfaction at an all time high, Roberts interviews more than 100 people in this documentary to try to dispel misinformation regarding what it truly means to be healthy. The film is an excellent opportunity to further the discussion on how our culture addresses weight and health and hopefully open the door for a shift in paradigm.  Mr. Roberts will join us for a post film discussion along with several ASDAH members and HAESSM colleagues that are in the film.  Our very own movie stars!

Session V (Parts 1,2&3): Meeting the Challenges of the Health At Every Size
(R) Model
Troubling findings from a study conducted by the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University suggest that Western culture is exporting low self-esteem, negative body image, and fat stigma around the globe. Using the challenge statements from the presentations on Saturday, along with additional issues as brought forth by conference participants, we will examine the multiple facets of this negative ‘cultural sprawl’ in a full day educational and interactive workshop session. Experts on each challenge/issue will provide input to engage all participants in identifying strategies, programs, approaches, resources, and techniques to effectively implement the HAES℠ approach in healthcare, education, media, research, and other related sectors, as well as the global community.  (2 hrs.)

ASDAH Conference Presenters ~ 2011


Lucy Aphramor, RD, is a dietitian and an honorary research fellow at the Applied Research Centre in Health and Lifestyle Intervention, Coventry University, UK.   Lucy is co-author of a recent paper that appeared in the Nutrition Journal, “Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift .”

Linda Bacon, PhD, is author of Health at Every Size: The Surprising Truth About Your Weight based on her research on the HAESSM model and is the founder of the HAES on-line directory. Linda is co-author of a recent paper that appeared in the Nutrition Journal, “Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift .”

Stephanie Brooks, MS, RD, founder of Bay Area Nutrition, LLC, is a nationally recognized expert in treating disordered eating, body image and pediatric feeding problems. Stephanie is a published author and speaker routinely presenting for corporations, schools, universities, as well as community and professional groups.

Deb Burgard, PhD,
is a psychologist and one of the founders of the Health At Every Size(R) model.  She has 20 years of book, article, and media publications and hosts the long-running body image website BodyPositive

Jenny Copeland, MA, is a doctoral trainee at Forest Institute in Springfield, Missouri. As the Research and Evaluation Fellow at Forest Institute, she conducted studies evaluating the presence of weight bias in mental health professionals and developed interventions to decrease the impact of this stigma on clinical work.

Jeanette DePatie (The Fat Chick) MA, ACE is a certified aerobics instructor, personal trainer and veteran fitness professional with over 10 years experience training students of all sizes, shapes, ages and abilities.  Her DVD workout is accessible to all and she provides great info and support at The Fat Chick.

Amy Farrell, Phd is a Professor of American Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.  She is the author of the recently published Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture, a study of the historical roots of fat denigration in the United States.  She has twice appeared on the Colbert Report to discuss fat stigma and discrimination.

Fall Ferguson, JD, MA
is a holistic health educator and coach. Her professional practice focuses on Health At Every Size(R), including working with individuals and groups on body image and disordered eating issues.

Amy Herskowitz, M.Sc   is a senior program consultant for the Ontario provincial government in the Ministry of Health’s mental health program area. Within her role as a public servant and outside of work, she is involved in the eating disorder treatment, research and advocacy communities in Toronto, Canada.

Lenny Husen, MD is Hospitalist at Sutter Delta Medical Center.  She cares for patients age 18 to 103 during their hospital stay, acting as the representative for their primary doctor.  She works to incorporate HAESSM principles into the medical community.  Lenny graduated from Pennsylvania State Medical School and trained in internal medicine at York Hospital in Pennsylvania.

Peter E Jaberg, PhD earned his PhD in Psychology (Child-Clinical emphasis) from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 2005. His dissertation included the study of factors contributing to disordered eating. In his clinical practice he works with clients on eating and weight issues.

Deb Lemire, BFA has served as President of ASDAH for two years.  She is Founder and Artistic Director of Queen Bee Productions, offering workshops, talks and performance presentations that focus on issues important to women including body and size acceptance

Judith Matz, LCSW serves as Director of the Chicago Center for Overcoming Overeating Inc. and is co-author of The Diet Survivor's Handbook: 60 Lessons in Eating, Acceptance and Self-Care and Beyond a Shadow of a Diet: The Therapist's Guide to Treating Compulsive Eating.
Laura McKibbin, MSW, LICSW   was co-developer of the employee wellness program, Kailo, at Mercy Medical Center –North Iowa.  Her work assisting employees with depression, domestic violence, eating and weight concerns has been published in several professional, peer- reviewed journals. She developed the “Food for Thought” Pyramid.

Lydia Jade Turner, BA, PG Dip is the Managing Director of BodyMatters Australasia, an innovative clinic that is pioneering the utilisation of a health based paradigm in clinical practice in Australia, being applied to people with clinical and non-clinical disordered eating practices.


Promoting The Health At Every Size® Approach
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