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Original HAES® Principles  

Health At Every Size® Principles - 2003-2013

The following five principles were written in 2003 by the founding members of ASDAH, and served as the organizing document of ASDAH for the next ten years. In early 2014, ASDAH adopted the current principles

1. Accepting and respecting the diversity of body shapes and sizes.

2. Recognizing that health and well-being are multi-dimensional and that they include
    physical, social, spiritual, occupational, emotional, and intellectual aspects.

3. Promoting all aspects of health and well-being for people of all sizes.

4. Promoting eating in a manner which balances individual nutritional needs, hunger,
    satiety, appetite, and pleasure.

5. Promoting individually appropriate, enjoyable, life-enhancing physical activity, rather
    than exercise that is focused on a goal of weight loss.

Promoting The Health At Every Size® Approach
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