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Promoting HEALTH Instead of SIZE in Children: Teaching Kids to Connect With and Care For, Not Compare Their Bodies
with Kathy Kater, LICSW
Whether it's the "thin ideal" for appearance, a "normal" BMI for health, or the "perfect" weight for athletics, kids today learn at ever younger ages that they should compare their bodies to narrow standards that are not right for many of them. Instead of inspiring good self-care, the resulting body objectification and dissatisfaction, internalized weight stigma, worry about weight and drive to lose it lead to poorer eating and fitness habits, diminished health, and weight gain (not loss) over time. The more kids feel anxious and bad about their bodies, the less likely they are to engage in health-enhancing behaviors.  Given the harmful effect of conventional, weight-focused approaches to health and wellness, it is critical that adults begin to address the topic of weight more effectively. This webinar introduces The Model for Healthy Body Image and Weight, a universal, evidence-based model for use in any venue, with any age student, with confidence.  This model promotes the attitudes, intentions, motivation, and behaviors needed for positive body image and wholesome lifestyle habits for all, regardless of size, in today's challenging environment.

Promoting HEALTH Instead of Size in Children Webinar Slides. Note: these slides may be shared and used for educational purposes only. All rights reserved.

Learning Objectives. By the end of this presentation attendees will:
-  Gain historical perspective and realize the evidence shedding light on how and why current weight-focused paradigms for health and wellbeing are inherently flawed, leading to poor and disordered eating and fitness choices, diminished health, and frequently, weight gain over time.
-  Review the basis for and evidence supporting the Model for Healthy Body Image and Weight as an alternative approach to health and wellbeing in children, teens and adults.
-  Be armed with a new perspective and some of the language needed to apply the Model for Healthy Body Image and Weight, a HAES®-based approach in clinical or educational settings with children (and adults).

Speaker Bio: Kathy Kater, LICSW is a psychotherapist and an internationally respected author, speaker, and consultant who has specialized in treatment and prevention of body image, eating, fitness and weight-related problems for over 30 years. Frustrated that progress in understanding these problems was not being matched by prevention, Kater authored Healthy Bodies; Teaching Kids What They Need to Know, published in association with the National Eating Disorders Association in 1998. Fully updated in 2005 and again in 2012, this primary prevention curriculum to promote health and wellbeing instead of size was the first of its kind to demonstrate significant measurable improvement in weight-related attitudes and reduced risk factors for disordered eating in pubescent children. Kathy is an engaging and popular speaker whose multimedia presentations are always given the highest praise.

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