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HAES® Webinars  Integrating HAES® Practice Into Medical Nutrition Therapy

Integrating HAES® Practice Into Medical Nutrition Therapy
with Fiona Willer, APD, AN

Dietitians who work in clinical settings often struggle with interpreting medical nutrition therapy guidelines through a HAES lens as well as communicating HAES perspectives to their patients, colleagues and patient referrers. Sometimes this discomfort is due to the flawed assumption that mainstream clinical dietetics practice is incompatible with HAES principles, or the concern that one’s colleagues may hold that opinion. In this webinar we will look at how weight-inclusive approaches are robustly supported by the Nutrition Care Process and how dietitians can use their clinical influence with their patients, referrers and workplaces to move towards compassionate patient-centered care. Particular areas of focus will include broaching consent for practice, the formulation of weight-inclusive Nutrition Diagnoses and PESS statements and navigating typical clinical scenarios in which weight loss is frequently encouraged.



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Consent for Weight Management Strategy

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this webinar participants will be able to:

  • Identify areas for systems-integrated HAES advocacy in clinical dietetics settings.
  • Recognize weight bias in the mainstream use of PESS statements and IDNT and begin to shift perspective towards weight-inclusive language.
  • Use practice principles of the non-diet approach to re-interpret the evidence we have for the application of medical nutrition therapy.

Speaker Bio: F
iona Willer, APD, AN, is a dietitian and academic in Brisbane Australia. In 2013 she released The Non-Diet Approach Guidebook for Dietitians, a how-to guide to applying the non-diet approach in individual dietetic counselling and is active in the Australian HAES community, conducting workshops with dietitians and psychologists across the country. Fiona is also a lecturer and unit coordinator in Nutrition and Dietetics at the Queensland University of Technology and is currently conducting original research into the adoption of the HAES philosophy by dietetic professionals. See for non-diet approach resources and to connect with other like-minded health professionals. 

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