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When Your Client Says, "But I Need to Lose Weight!"


Kori Kostka, BSc, RD
Julie Duffy Dillon, MS, RD, NCC, LDN, CEDRD
Marsha Hudnall, MS, RD, CD
Aaron Flores, RDN
As a HAES® practitioner, you want to support your clients in healing their relationship with food and overcoming body hate, using a weight-inclusive approach. Your client hopes, prays, and pleads that weight loss will be an outcome of this healing process. How do you validate their concerns while also communicating the futility of trying to control the number on the scale? Four registered dietitians provide answers to this question with practical tips and strategies. 

By the end of this presentation, viewers will be able to:

  • Identify common nutrition counseling blunders that can result in disengagement when a client expresses a desire for weight loss.
  • Identify helpful counseling skills based in self-compassion, mindfulness, and immediacy to build rapport with clients and validate rather than dismiss their concerns/desire for weight loss.  
  • List strategies that clinicians can use to demonstrate why a weight-neutral approach is beneficial.
  • Identify strategies to help clients shift their focus from losing weight to gaining health through non-restrictive, mindfulness-based interventions and strategies and improved self-care practices.  Communicate with clients how they can manage body image concerns while staying within their nutrition/dietetics scope of practice. 

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Julie Duffy Dillon, MS, RD, NCC, LDN, CEDRD
Julie Duffy Dillon is a weight inclusive registered dietitian and eating disorder specialist. She hosts the Love Food Podcast series, helping those with a complicated relationship with food rewrite their fate. Julie also owns a group nutrition private practice specializing in HAES approaches to health and eating disorder recovery in central North Carolina and has been seen on TLC's documentary My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

Aaron Flores, RDN
Aaron Flores is a registered dietitian nutritionist is the owner of Balance Variety and Moderation RDN in Calabasas, California.  With nearly 10 years of experience, Aaron has worked with eating disorders in a variety of settings.  His main areas of focus are Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size® and in his work, Aaron helps individuals learn how to make peace with food and develop body-positive behaviors.  Along with the work in his private practice, he also blogs and hosts a podcast, Dietitians Unplugged.

Marsha Hudnall, MS, RD, CD
A registered dietitian nutritionist, Marsha has been a voice of reason and thought leader for over three decades in helping women move away from restrictive notions of food and health so that they can better adopt a sustainable approach to eating and living well. Since 1986, Marsha has been a part of Green Mountain at Fox Run, the women's retreat in Vermont that pioneered the non-diet approach to health. Long active in national and local professional organizations, Marsha currently serves as the president of The Center for Mindful Eating.

Kori Kostka, BSc, RD
Kori is a Registered Dietitian at the West Durham Family Health Team in Pickering, Ontario, Canada. There she has implemented Health At Every Size® (HAES) among the staff and patients. In her private practice setting, Nourished Body, she runs various mindful eating retreats within the community with her colleague Michelle Pitman. Kori has a passion for spreading positive body and HAES messages through social media daily and runs a family-friendly Facebook Page, Nourished Family. She is actively part of the National Eating Disorder Information Centre's Conference Steering Committee. She just released her mindful eating app Appetype for Apple products.

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