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Fat Studies

“Bodies out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression”, Braziel, Jana Evans, and LeBesco, Kathleen
Since World War II, when the diet and fitness industries promoted mass obsession with weight and body shape, “fat” has been a dirty word. In the United States, fat is seen as repulsive, ugly, unclean, obscene, and above all as something to lose. Bodies Out of Bounds challenges these . . .
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“Body Panic: Gender, Health, and the Selling of Fitness”, Shari Dworkin and Faye Wachs
A critique of the ways that the media create and then sell the desire for perfect (but different) bodies to men and women. Dworkin and Wachs weave gender theory with empirical analyses of consumer culture for a very readable study. They make a great argument about the "obesity crisis" as a . . .
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“Cultures of the Abdomen: Diet, Digestion, and Fat in the Modern World”, Christopher E. Forth & Ana Carden-Coyne (eds)
Cultures of the Abdomen traces the history of social, cultural, and medical ideas about the stomach and related organs since the seventeenth century, and demonstrates that a focused study of the abdomen is necessary for understanding the deep historical meanings that underscore our contemporar . . .
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“Fat and Proud: The Politics of Size”, Cooper, Charlotte
In Fat and Proud, activist Charlotte Cooper charts the evolution of the fat rights movement. Demonstrating the extent of "fatphobia" in society, she explains not only how it affects fat women, but how the fear of being fat oppresses all women. She also looks at health issues, challenging the "medica . . .
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“Fat Is Not a Four-Letter Word”, Schroeder, Charles Roy Ph.D.
A powerful expose of the diet industry, this book also shatters stereotypes and debunks myths about being fat. It goes far in combatting the internalized oppression that people experience about their weight. Chronimed Publishing (May 1992). Purchase Book . . .
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“Fat Poets Speak: Voices of the Fat Poets' Society”, Barron, K., Kaplan, A.S., Makris, C., Owen, L.J. & Zellman, F. (ed.)
Fat Poets Speak is part of, and intended for, the growing movement reclaiming "fat" as a valid way to exist in theworld. Five women share the poetry and process of fat embodiment in this smart, sassy, sensual and soulful collection. PearlSong Press (2009). Purchase book  . . .
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“Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture”, Farrel, Amy
To be fat hasn't always occasioned the level of hysteria that this condition receives today and indeed was once considered an admirable trait. Fat Shame: Stigma and the Fat Body in American Culture explores this arc, from veneration to shame, examining the historic roots of our contemporary . . .
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“Fat Studies Reader”, Edited by Esther D Rothblum and Sondra Solovay - Forward by Marilyn Wann
For decades a growing cadre of scholars has been examining the role ofbody weight in society, critiquing the underlying assumptions,prejudices, and effects of how people perceive and relate to fatness.This burgeoning movement, known as fat studies, includes scholars fromevery field, as well as activ . . .
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“Fat: The Anthropology of an Obsession”, Kulick, D & Meneley, A
Enlisting thirteen anthropologists and a fat activist, editors and anthropologists Don Kulick and Anne Meneley have produced an unconventional-and unprecedented-examination of fat in various cultural and social contexts. In this anthology, these writers argue that fat is neither a mere phy . . .
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“Feminism and the Invisible Fat Man”, Bell, Kirsten and McNaughton, Darlene
In this article we argue that the complex connections between gender and fatness have not been fully examined, particularly in so far as they relate to men. We consider the role of early feminist literature in establishing the idea that the fear of fatness is fundamentally tied up with patriarchy an . . .
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“Never Satisfied: A Cultural History of Diets, Fantasies and Fat”, Schwartz, Hillel
The definitive history of the evolution of American weight obsession during the past 150 years. Thorough and entertaining, it is an evocative social history. Diane Pubishing. (2007) Purchase Book . . .
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“Shadow on a Tightrope: Writings by Women on Fat Oppression”, Schoenfeld, L., & Wieser, B. (editors), Mayer, V. (Foreword)
Shadow on a Tightrope (first published in 1983) was the first anthology to come out of the fat liberation movement. This classic collection includes articles, personal stories, and poems by fat women about their lives, experiences, and the fat-hating society in which we live. Shado . . .
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“The Invisible Woman: Confronting Weight Prejudice in America”, Goodman, Charisse
With her own life as an example, Charisse Goodman examines the prevalence of weight prejudice in society. She draws comparisons between the cultural taboo of fatness and similar social discrimination in media and society such as racism, homophobia, and anti-semitism. Gurze Books, (1995). Purchase . . .
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“Tipping the Scales of Justice: Fighting Weight Based Discrimination”, Solovay, Sondra
What rights do fat people have? Are parents open to legal attack if their child is fat? Can employers discriminate? Should disability laws apply to fat people? Sondra Solovay documents cases of illegal hiring practices, workplace bias, harassment, unfair treatment, medical malpractice, and denial . . .
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“What's Wrong With Fat?”, Saguy, A.
The United States, we are told, is facing an obesity epidemic-a "battle of the bulge" of not just national, but global proportions-that requires drastic and immediate action. Experts in the media, medical science, and government alike are scrambling to find answers. What or who is responsible for . . .
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