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“Big Fat Lies: The Truth About Your Weight and Your Health”, Gaesser, Glenn A.
This book exposes the ostensible facts about fat.  Gaesser presents evidence of the flawed methodology of many studies and argues that you can be fat and fit. Gurze Books (2002)    Purchase book . . .
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“Dispensing with the Truth: The Victims, the Drug Companies, and the Dramatic Story Behind the Battle over Fen-Phen”, Mundy, Alicia
The book documents how the diet drug combination, Phen-fen, was approved by the FDA and then withdrawn from the market because of adverse side effects. If you think you can trust academic researchers, especially those from elite, well-known universities, read this book. St. Martin's Press. (2001 . . .
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“The Obesity Epidemic: Science, Morality and Ideology”, Michael Gard and Jan Wright
Two Australian researchers expose the "obesity epidemic" and its resulting hysteria as the result of cultural ideology, rather than science or medicine. A factual research work that cites thousands of current studies, this book is an excellent resource for medical or legal professionals who seek t . . .
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