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ASDAH Membership Application


Open Membership

Join us if you support the Mission, Vision, and Values of ASDAH, and your work and/or personal life as a professional or advocate is in alignment with the Health At Every SizeⓇ Principles. Please review this information prior to applying for membership to confirm your commitment to  promoting wellness in a manner that does not judge, place value on, or use weight as a proxy for health.

Inclusive Membership

To reflect the organization's commitment to being inclusive and eliminating barriers to participation, membership is not restricted by capacity to pay. Membership fee payments are the predominant source of funding for ASDAH’s work. The current requested 12month membership fee is $100, and we encourage those who hold multiple privileged identities (e.g. race, ability, SES, gender, etc.) to contribute at this level, or higher as you are able. This will help expand the inclusivity of our organization by supporting those who may otherwise not be able to join our ASDAH community. If your current financial situation is such that this $100 fee is prohibitive, please enter the amount you feel able to pay at this time. If payment of any fee amount presents a barrier to your joining, please contact the ASDAH Membership Director so we can make individual arrangements.

Vetting Process

The membership application process includes a manual review by the Membership Director (or their representative) so there may be a short delay between confirmation of payment and activation of membership. ASDAH completes this review in an effort to ensure that individuals who are not committed to size inclusivity in their work or advocacy do not enter our ASDAH community. This process, in part, is to help avoid disruption of ASDAH member interactions on the listserv & Facebook group.

The following checks will be carried out on all prospective members:

  • Website review (if applicable): For example, a website advertising weight-based interventions such as body sculpting or dieting will be discussed with the applicant and may lead to membership denial.
  • Email review for any weight biased words/messages: For example, an email address that directly promotes weight stigma such as will be discussed with the applicant and may lead to membership denial.
  • Application content review, with particular focus on the “Use of HAES® Principles in work/life” section.

If the reviewer has any concerns about the applicant in regard to the above criteria, they will share these with the individual via email and ask for clarification. If an applicant is denied membership for any of the above reasons, we will try our best to provide them with resources for further learning.

If you have any questions or concerns about this review process please do not hesitate to contact us at

The information that you provide on this membership application will be used only in our internal membership records and will be password-protected. To maximize the security of your account we ask that along with selecting a password you answer one of three "secret questions" as noted below.  

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Donations to ASDAH support our effective and much-needed educational and advocacy efforts and are tremendously appreciated. NOTE: ASDAH is a non-profit organization classified as 501 (c) (6). Contributions, gifts, and dues to ASDAH are not tax deductible. ASDAH donations & dues may be deductible as business expenses -- please consult your tax professional.
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CAUTION: Please make sure this form is complete and accurate before selecting your payment option. Once you have clicked on Pay Online or Pay by Mail attempting to click your browser BACK button will result in an application error.

The Association for Size Diversity and Health welcomes people of all sizes and shapes regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, gender, age, marital status, sexual/affectional orientation, mental or physical disability, or veteran status.
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