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As an all-volunteer organization with revenue generated primarily from membership fees, your donation will help expand the work and influence of ASDAH in promoting HAESSM as delineated in our mission and goals. If you choose to donate to ASDAH,  please select the type of fund you wish to have your donation go towards from the Donation Funds drop down menu.  For questions about Donations to ASDAH, please contact our Treasurer.  All donations to ASDAH are appreciated!

Note: ASDAH is a non-profit organization classified as 501(c) (6).  Contributions, gifts, and dues to ASDAH are not tax deductible.  ASDAH donations & dues may be deductible as business expenses -- please consult your tax professional.

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Some publishers, projects and/or providers of services/products have Affiliate Status with ASDAH, noted in resource citations as appropriate. This status may result in a percentage of sales being donated to ASDAH and/or discounted prices being made available to ASDAH members.  Click for more information.

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