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HAES Expert  Lily O'Hara

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Dr Lily O'Hara, BSc, PG Dip Hlth Prom, MPH, PhD
Abu Dhabi , null  0000
United Arab Emirates
Location: Abu Dhabi
Phone: +971507067987

Occupation: Professor
Organization/Business Name: Emirates College for advanced eduation
Area(s) of Expertise: Administration/Program Management, Education/Teaching, Research - Academic & Science

Description: Collating and contributing to the scientific evidence that supports the HAES approach, and that demonstrates the problems associated with the weight centred health approach.
Workshops Offered: 1. Beyond BMI: the limitations of the weight-centred health paradigm and the benefits of the health at every size approach 2. Enacting the values and principles of modern health promotion in your practice

Presentations: 1. Limitations of weight-centred health paradigm 2. Scientific evidence supporting health at every size approach 3. Values and principles of modern health promotion

Articles Written: Book chapter OHara L & Gregg J, 2010 Do Not Diet: adverse health effects of the weight centred health paradigm, in De Meester F, Zibadi S, & Watson RR. (eds) Modern Dietary Fat Intake: Promotion of Disease, Humana Press: Totowa NJ, USA Refereed journal articles Gregg J & OHara L. (2007) The Red Lotus Health Promotion Model: a new model for holistic, ecological, salutogenic health promotion practice. Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 18(1):12-19 Gregg J & OHara L. (2007) Values and Principles Evident in Current Health Promotion Practice. Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 18(1):7-11 OHara L & Gregg J. (2006) The war on obesity: a social determinant of health. Health Promotion Journal of Australia, 17(3):261-3 OHara L. (2006) Australian bodies to become biggest in the world within the next ten years. Health at Every Size, 19(4):235-247

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