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HAES Expert  Kaye-Ailsa Rowan

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Ms Kaye-Ailsa Rowan, MA, LMFT 47779
1520 The Alameda
San Jose , CA  95126
United States
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Phone: 408-390-3680

Occupation: Psychotherapist
Organization/Business Name: Counseling for ACTion
Area(s) of Expertise: Activism/Advocacy, Education/Teaching, Mental Health/Psychology

Description: Size acceptance is key to emotional and physical health. Thinking of your body as "the enemy", or of a weight or clothing size as a goal, can get in the way of long-term health and happiness. I find the HAES approach to be a proven and effective way to help clients identify conscious, realistic actions they can take towards goals that involve physical health, body image, or functional eating habits. Together we can clearly describe your goals and create sustainable life changes that help you meet them.
I work with individuals and families who want to get unblocked. I focus on helping clients center themselves: to be clear about who you are, become conscious of what's in the way of your goals, and align your thoughts and actions around those goals.

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