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HAES Expert  Christine Selby

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Dr Christine L B Selby, PhD, MS, LP, CC-AASP
6 State Street, Suite 208
Bangor , ME  04401
United States
Location: Northeast U.S.A.
Phone: 2072992552

Occupation: Licensed Psychologist
Organization/Business Name: Selby Psychological Services
Area(s) of Expertise: Athletics/Fitness, Mental Health/Psychology, Writing/Publishing

Description: My work is primarily with adult individuals with eating disorders. Inevitably concern about weight (weight loss or weight gain) comes up. I encourage those with whom I work to challenge the sources in their lives that promote the notion that only a thin bodies can be healthy and encourage them to focus on incorporating health enhancing behaviors regardless of what happens to their body shape and size.
Website with basic information about my private psychology practice.

The purpose of this blog is to provoke thought around issues of authenticity and to encourage people to be the most authentic versions of themselves they can be.

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