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HAES Expert  Kathleen Bishop

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Kathleen A Bishop, MSW, LCSW #68807

SAN JOSE , CA  95112
United States
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Phone: 408-637-7502

Occupation: Therapist
Organization/Business Name: Kathleen Bishop, LCSW
Area(s) of Expertise: Education/Teaching, Mental Health/Psychology, Social Work/Human Services

Description: I am a therapist specializing in HAESⓇ, Intuitive Eating and Relapse Prevention. I have a private practice that is dedicated to assisting clients in healing from self-loathing and dieting that our culture encourages. Many people who are recovering from addictions, often find that they develop or have an underlying problem with their relationship with food and body image. This can lead to relapse in an effort to control their weight or a misery filled sober life of yo-yo dieting and self-loathing. My approach in using HAES/Intuitive Eating and Relapse Prevention is to assist clients’ in making peace with their bodies and to improve their relationship with food while maintaining their sobriety.
Workshops Offered: Nuts and Bolts of HAES and Intuitive Eating for Beginners

Presentations: How to get off the Dieting Cycle of Shame Roller Coaster

Body Peace & Liberation Facebook Page dedicated to HAES/Intuitive Eating.

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