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HAES Expert  Sarah Alexander

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Sarah Alexander, MSW, LCSW
1675 SW Marlow Ave
Suite 303
Portland , OR  97225
United States
Location: Portland, Oregon
Phone: 503-709-5137
Fax: 503-200-1198

Occupation: Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Organization/Business Name: Brave Acorn
Area(s) of Expertise: Education/Teaching, Mental Health/Psychology, Social Work/Human Services

Description: My work with body/food issues is strongly influenced by the Health at Every Size? approach and Intuitive Eating: 1. Prioritize attention to your body (rather than intellect or emotions) in matters of eating, rest, and movement, 2. Reposition weight as an outcome of healthy habits and self-care rather than as a goal, 3. Love your body and self no matter what your size (because loving your body and yourself leads to better body-attunement, self-care, and quality of life) rather than waiting to be a certain weight or size first, and 4. Learn to manage stress through honoring and channeling your emotions rather than using food to control them.

We here at Brave Acorn help people in the greater Portland area align body, mind, and emotions in their daily lives. We are trauma-trained, take a Health at Every Size approach to food and weight issues, and encourage people to work with their body and emotions as allies (rather than enemies) on their journey towards growth and healing.


Promoting The Health At Every Size® Approach
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