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HAES Expert  Vania Phitidis

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Ms Vania Phitidis, BA, Msc Education for Sustainability , Intuitive Eating, MB-EAT
, Sussex, UK  RH18 5BY
United Kingdom
Location: Sussex, UK
Phone: 07961243732

Occupation: coach-mentor
Organization/Business Name: Peaceful Eating
Area(s) of Expertise: Education/Teaching, Mental Health/Psychology, Religion/Spirituality

Description: The main focus of my work is to help people to let go of diet mentality, to accept that health can be pursued without the need for weight loss (and how to do that), and to develop the relationship they want, with food and their body. We also work on developing greater self-care, learning to meet emotional needs in ways that feel nurturing and appropriate, and how to accept and allow any emotional feeling.


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