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HAES Expert  Ani Janzen

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Ani Janzen

Minneapolis , MN  55409
United States
Location: Midwest
Phone: 952-270-3590

Occupation: Executive Director
Organization/Business Name: Radical Health Alliance
Area(s) of Expertise: Activism/Advocacy, Athletics/Fitness, Nutrition
Length of time as a HAES practitioner and/or advocate: 5 years

Description: The Radical Health Alliance works to support the health of fat people through programs, education, and advocacy. We offer programs from a Health at Every Size and fat positive lens such a body positive nutrition courses, yoga classes for larger people only, and Rad Fat Adventure Camp. We also aim to change the healthcare climate in the Twin Cities towards fat people, and beliefs about weight and health. Lastly, we inform the public about human rights laws in MN as they pertain to larger people.
Groups Offered: The Facebook group Twin Cities Fat Community ( is for people who identify as fat, support the fat acceptance movement and live in the Twin Cities. We aim to create community by connecting online, but moving that into off-line spaces to create networks of support of activism.

Presentations: Health at Every Size Basics and Advanced, Weight Stigma and Bias in Healthcare

Radical Health Alliance website including all our programs like Rad Fat Yoga, Biking, and Rad Fat Adventure Camp

Promoting The Health At Every Size® Approach
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