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HAES Expert  Christina Wall

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Christina Wall, MS in Clinical Rehabilitation Counseling, NCC, CRC, LPC intern, EMDR Trained
155 B Ave ste 220
Lake Oswego , OR  97034
United States
Location: Portland, Oregon
Phone: 503-407-3128

Occupation: Psychotherapist
Organization/Business Name: Inner Life Psychotherapy, LLC
Area(s) of Expertise: Mental Health/Psychology

Description: I am a HAES, fat positive, and Body Trust informed therapist that specializes in treating body image issues, as well as complex trauma often stemming from childhood.
IT"S NOT YOUR FAULT! If you struggle to accept your body, if every diet you have tried has failed, it is not your fault. Our society does not want you to love your body unless it fits into an extremely narrow definition of what is acceptable. And even if you do fall within this minuscule category society will find some other way to tell you that you are not good enough. And diets? Well, diets suck, they don't work.

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