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HAES Expert  Stephanie Hopkins

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Stephanie Hopkins, MS, RD

Boulder , CO  80301
United States
Location: Boulder, CO
Phone: 720-515-6723

Occupation: Registered Dietitian
Organization/Business Name: Nutrition For Real
Area(s) of Expertise: Nutrition

Description: I offer in-person and virtual nutrition therapy targeted to adults who are ready to end the diet cycle, and step into a world free from food rules and body obsession. I believe there is a way to honor our bodies' inherent wisdom through self-care and compassion. I also offer counseling to families looking to cultivate a positive relationship with food and bodies for themselves and their children. I believe if we raise a generation of competent eaters our entire culture will change. The way we do that is by challenging our current beliefs surrounding food and our bodies to end the dangerous diet cycle that so many of us live in unknowingly. Only then will we be able to have a life free from dieting, body negativity, and disordered eating patterns. My work is based on the principles of Health at Every Size. I take a non-diet approach using the Intuitive Eating and Eating Competence frameworks to help my clients find their best health.
Private practice

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