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HAES Expert  Nomi Dekel

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Nomi Dekel, MA, LMFT

San Francisco Bay Area , CA  94805
United States
Location: San Francisco Bay Area
Phone: 415-457-3468

Occupation: Psychotherapist
Organization/Business Name: CelebrateYourBody, MindBodyMoney & VoluptuArt
Area(s) of Expertise: Arts - Performing & Visual, Mental Health/Psychology, Retail/Business

Description: As a psychotherapist I have been working with clients for over 30 yrs. For the most part my area of focus has been women & their relationships with food & their bodies. Integrating the HAES® principles throughout my work. As an offshoot of the body image workshops & groups I have facilitated, it became clear to me that part of healing is surrounding ourselves with body positive images. This philosophy blended with my love of art & desire to support independent artists brought our online store VoluptuArt - Art & Gifts for Celebrating Your Body! to life. I served on the ASDAH Leadership Team as the Website Committee Chair (7 yrs.) and Treasurer (3 yrs.). This is an incredible group of people to work with and I highly recommend that if you are an ASDAH voting member you consider volunteering to help ASDAH expand it's already incredible reach.
Groups Offered: Celebrate Your Body! A HAES oriented therapy group for women held in San Francisco & the East Bay (California).

Presentations: "Understanding Health At Every Size - applying the principles to your life!" "Celebrate Your Body - Transform Negative Body Image" "For the Therapist - how the way you view bodies (yours and your clients) can help or hinder."

An overview of my services. Mind - Psychotherapy / Body - Celebrate Your Body / Money - Financial Health Counseling & VoluptuArt
Celebrate Your Body - Transforming Negative Body Image. Workshops, groups, individual & couples. Information about the body image & HAES services I offer.
VoluptuArt - Art & Gifts for Celebrating Your Body! An online store filled with body positive & fat art. 100's of items that support you to celebrate your body. Super affordable too.

Promoting The Health At Every Size® Approach
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