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HAES Expert  Kirsten Ackerman

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Kirsten Ackerman, Registered Dietitian , Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

New Haven , CT  0511
United States
Location: Connecticut and everywhere via phone or video!
Phone: 518-429-1129

Occupation: Non-Diet Dietitian
Organization/Business Name: The Intuitive RD
Area(s) of Expertise: Media - Written & Visual, Nutrition, Writing/Publishing
Length of time as a HAES practitioner and/or advocate: 2 years

Description: My HAES work includes my podcast Intuitive Bites which is designed to help non-diet newbies hear about the foundations of the anti-diet approach, my Instagram where I share content dedicated to dismantling diet culture and fatphobia and encouraging healthy behaviors and access to health resources for all bodies, and virtual work with private clients. I also offer workshops and online courses that cover the foundations of intuitive eating and HAES.
Workshops Offered: Introduction to Intuitive Eating in New Haven, CT

Articles Written: "Health at Every Size: A Sound Approach to Behavior Change" in Fitness Journal May 2018

The Intuitive RD Instagram
The Intuitive RD Website
Intuitive Bites Podcast

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