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HAES Expert  Emily Cutler

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Emily Cutler

Tampa , FL  33614
United States
Location: Tampa Bay Florida
Phone: 205-306-5670

Occupation: Graduate Student
Area(s) of Expertise: Activism/Advocacy, Mental Health/Psychology

Description: I am a master’s student in mental health counseling. I am very interested in social justice informed, feminist approaches to counseling and I see the Health At Every Size paradigm as an integral part of this. I wrote my undergraduate Honors Thesis on the topic of weight-based bullying and have been passionate about combating weight stigma and sizeism ever since. In addition to my studies, I am actively engaged in community and digital activism and have given presentations and workshops on disability justice, neurodiversity, and fat acceptance, including strategies for countering bullying and discrimination that occurs on the basis of weight or disability.
Workshops Offered: Introduction to Emotional CPR

Presentations: Introduction to Disability Justice; Intersections Between Neurodiversity and Body Positivity; Applying the Social Model of Disability to Mental Health; Introduction to Trauma-Informed Care; Trauma-Informed Suicide Prevention

This website is my personal portfolio and describes my educational background, trainings, and consultancy.

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