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HAES Expert  Ren Caldwell

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Ren Caldwell, BA, CSCS, FMS
16509 Densmore Ave N
Shoreline , WA  98133
United States
Location: Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-919-9079

Occupation: gym owner
Organization/Business Name: Strive & Uplift
Area(s) of Expertise: Activism/Advocacy, Athletics/Fitness, Media - Written & Visual
Length of time as a HAES practitioner and/or advocate: 3+ years

Description: Everyone deserves to feel safe and supported as an athlete and a person. Safety is one of our most basic human needs. What sets Strive & Uplift apart from other gym spaces and programming is our commitment to create and maintain a safe and supportive space for our athletes. We do this by: * Using inclusive and non-gendered language in our classes and programming, and providing modifications for every body & ability * Constantly asking for feedback and listening to concerns from our members * Actively engaging in dialogue with people who are working with oppressed populations to learn more about how to better embrace and amplify those voices * Addressing safety issues, both physical and emotional, that crop up in our work and space in a transparent and thoughtful way across multiple platforms * Highlighting marginalized people’s athletic and human efforts and successes in and out of the gym, whether or not they’re connected to us or our programming * Using, revising and updating our “Whole Athlete” protocol – education and engagement around topics of mental health, nutrition, recovery, and self-care * Doing the hard work on ourselves as coaches and humans through reflection and continuing education, and supporting each other in that work
Groups Offered: Group classes in Seattle and Boulder, health/wellness events crafted for organizations in our Seattle space

Workshops Offered: Whole Athlete workshops with HAES-focused content on nutrition, movement, mental health etc

Presentations: Your Body At Work (workplace health/activity), various strength and conditioning topics, mental health, nutrition

Articles Written: Many in Skyd Magazine (online) and self-published

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