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HAES Expert  Judith Matz

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Judith Matz, MSW, LCSW
5225 Old Orchard Rd., Suite 6
Skokie , IL  60015
United States
Location: Chicago area (and national presentations)
Phone: 847-267-1200

Occupation: Psychotherapist/Author
Area(s) of Expertise: Mental Health/Psychology, Nutrition, Writing/Publishing

Description: Through speaking, writing, and counseling I promote and teach the concepts of HAES® to both professionals and people interested in this approach. I use a non-diet/HAES approach to help people make peace with food, their bodies, and themselves. As a psychotherapist, I offer both individual and group counseling in the Chicago area and am a frequent speaker at workshops and conferences. One of the most exciting parts of my HAES work has been co-authoring two books based on this philosophy with Ellen Frankel: Beyond a Shadow of a Diet is oriented toward professionals, and The Diet Survivor's Handbook is written for anyone struggling with food and weight issues.
Groups Offered: Diet Survivor's/Overcoming Overeating Group: I offer an ongoing group for people in the process of ending the preoccupation with food and weight. Members learn to become attuned/intuitive eaters, work on emotional aspects of overeating and explore body image/HAES issues. The group is based on the concepts in The Diet Survivor's Handbook and Overcoming Overeating.

Workshops Offered: Workshops include topics such as, Becoming an Attuned Eater: Feeding Yourself from the Inside Out, Emotional Overeating, Beyond a Shadow of a Diet: The Treatment of Overeating (for professionals) and Diet Survivor's Book Groups. I am available to present a workshop for your group or organization.

Books Written: Beyond a Shadow of a Diet: The Comprehensive Guide to Treating Binge Eating Disorder, Compulsive Eating, and Emotional Overeating (2014) The Diet Survivor's Handbook: 60 Lessons in Eating, Acceptance and Self-Care (Sourcebooks 2006)

Articles Written: Beyond Lip Service: Confronting Our Prejudices Against Higher Weight Clients Psychotherapy Networker March/April 2014) Cultivating a Calm Mind for Emotional Overeaters (Wise Brain Bulletin June, 2014) The Gift of Attuned Eating (Wise Brain Bulletin March 2014) Beyond the Diet Mentality: Empowering Clients Through Attuned Eating(Weight Management Matters - American Dietetic Association, Summer 2011) Recipe for Life: Is Attuned Eating the Antidote to Diet: (Pychotherapy Networker, Jan/Feb 2011) The Diet Survivor's Paradigm: From Shame to Empowerment - Journal of HAES, Spring 2006 Attitudes Toward Disordered Eating and Weight: Important Considerations for Therapists and Health Professionals ( Journal of HAES, Sping 2005) Body of Knowledge: Exploring Attitudes Toward Weight Among Health Professionals (Scan's PULSE, Spring 2007) Diet Not, Want Not - North Shore Magazine

Based on The Diet Survivor's Handbook: 60 Lessons in Eating, Acceptance and Self-Care, our website offers support, information and links to articles for people in the process of letting go of diets. You can also sign up for our free quarterly Diet Survivors Group e-mail, read the new lessons that are posted each season, and view the stories of others who have quit dieting and made peace with food, their bodies and themselves.
Still battling with overeating? Stop fighting. Make peace. Visit my website to learn about my approach to ending binge eating, compulsive eating and emotional overeating, and the counseling services I offer in the Chicago area.

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